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These are times to remember [30 May 2010|07:18am]
 I'm not exactly sure how but in just a few hours I will have graduated from Brown. Lucky for me I'm staying a 5th year for a Masters but that doesn't make it easier when everyone else leaves.
This past week has been quite the emotional roller coaster and these past four years have been wonderful.  I really don't want to graduate and have everyone leave, but I guess it's just another part of life. I also have to be gone in the next 3 minutes for commencement mass.  Also, it's already 62 degrees at 7:15am, it's going to be so bloody hot for graduation, I hope we don't all melt.

It's been fun.
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It's you , it's you, you make me sing. [12 Feb 2010|02:31pm]
Woah even for me this has been quite the hiatus.

Life has been all over the place lately. It's second semester of senior year and I have no concrete plans for next year, I'm waiting on grad school and everything is just crazy.  To top it all off I'm in 5 classes + research with my professor and a handful of extra curriculars, not to mention that I would like to maintain some level of sanity and have fun.

Which means I need to drop 1 (or 2) classes. Like last week....but we all know how indecisive I am...

So about Winter Break

It was good to see everyone again and I love how it's just so natural and we all just vegetate on the couch watching hours of bridzilla or 'he's just not that into you' =)

Other wise there was the New Orleans trip I took from Jan 10-17th through Operation Holding Hands and with the Catholic Community here at Brown.

It was a lot of fun, but also kind of sad to see how much work still has to be done down there even after so many years.  We got to talk to some awesome people.  All 25 of us worked together on a house for Mr. Brown which is supposed to be "green." In this case that basically means floodproof.  My group worked underneath the house putting up cement boards to cover up the insulation, which you know, worked out for me because the crawl space under the house is like 5feet so it wasn't too bad.   It was also exciting to be in NOLA when the Saints won the playoffs and MORE exciting when they won the superbowl last week! Our whole group got together and we were all so happy.

Anyways just resurfacing for a bit

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'neath the cover of october skies. [23 Oct 2009|04:07am]
The weather today was really perfect and it was made even more perfect by the autumnal colors, that deep orange and powerful red, the bubbly yellow all glimmering in the sun.  The unexpectedness of a 70 degree day at the end of October is really quite refreshing. Gives you piece of mind, makes you smile. Enjoy those crisp leaves. Take walks just to look at how those shades and hues look in the sunshine, how that autumn air feels.
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eff my life [11 Jul 2009|04:25pm]
my boss just sent me an email telling me that they need me for 100 more hours of work, like they will pay me 9$/hour for the additional 100 hours, but that's a lot of hours!

what the crap.
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JE SUIS EN NANTES [07 Jan 2009|05:52pm]
hey everyone this will be short since i cant type on these silly french keyboards:

after 2 planes a train and not nearly enough food Im in nantes; waiting at the center for my host fam to arrive;;; ill be posting here but maybe more at alopezinnantes.blogspot.com  (note i ,essed up earlier two ns)

anyways just an im alive post haha lets hope mu host family has the inets

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Last minute [05 Jan 2009|03:02am]
Last few days have been filled with last minute goodbyes (still awesome) last minute shopping (not very successful) and last minute packing/organizing/figuring out stuff.

It's weird that I'm leaving tomorrow technically and not coming back for 5 months

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[22 Dec 2008|09:28pm]
after many hours of packing and snow I'm home!

today I went to the dentist and got 4 cavities filled, it was a whole lot of non fun--estrella will make fun of me because i whined all day, but I have a low pain threshold!

anyways now i get to unpack and repack and do the christmas thing, hopefully se epeople and I'm off on Jan6th

SO I think I'm going to either do a blog or something while in france but either way I'll probably send updates on my life...so if you want updates please leave your email in a comment.

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the worst is over now [13 Dec 2008|04:29am]
the majority of my work for the semester is done., just a 5 page paper :)

It's 4:30 am, I didn't sleep an inch last night, like seriously I was in the sci li/rock writing papers and then around 5:30 pm I decided to go to sleep, but alas there were christmas parties and 21st celebrations to go to, so i woke up at 9pm had dinner and hung out.  Now, given that I got 0 worth of 8 hours of sleep from last night and just 3 hours during the day, i should be really tired, but no, I'm awake. very awake.

I started cleaning my room because in the face of finals it's gotten way messier than I would hope.

i can't believe I won't be here next semester---it's sad really-sometimes I wonder if i made the right decision in deciding to study abroad....why not wait until after brown...gosh...I'm so unsure.

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[10 Dec 2008|05:20pm]
 Research papers suck the life out of me,

especially when i pick topics that apparently don't have readily available research. Next time remind me not to pick a topic where a Brown U. professor is in question--I think it's like Brown is trying to hide the information to cover their asses.

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peanutbutterpapertime [09 Dec 2008|11:12pm]
 If everything goes according to plan, I might finish my 15-20 page research paper more than 15 hours before it's due--which may not sound like a great accomplishment, but for the girl who literally is racing the clock usually 4-5 hours before the paper is due, just starting the paper, this will be a major accomplishment.  What's more, I not only didn't wait until the last minute to start the paper, but I actually started writing the paper on like Saturday-- a full 4 days before it was due.


Now...the second plan is to start writing the 12-15 page paper tomorrow, maybe get about 6-7 pages in, and spend Thursday working on finishing that up.

And then my MAJOR work is done for the semester!!!! And I will give myself the weekend as a reward for getting through the week.
Monday I will work on my 5 page paper and 2 2 page papers and I will devote the rest of the week to work for my job, and seeing all the wonderful faces that I will miss next semester.
and of course packing my life.

almost there....
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First Snow! [07 Dec 2008|09:15am]
After having spent a very tiring and depressing 8 hours in the library last night, getting next to nothing accomplished because research is greatly unrewarding, I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was everything outside my window covered in a thin layer of snow, like a blanket.
One of the windows in my room is just to the right of my bed, so I literally opened my eyes and everything was white!

Sure--it's not that exciting because I've certainly seen snow before, it's just that the first one is special, and there is something comforting about seeing snow on treetops or a white road and the cars all sporting the same hat.  Especially when I just felt so dejected last night.

So now I'm sitting in our common room decorated on the inside with Emily's snowflake creations which frame the window of snow outside =)

And off I am to spend another day in the library.
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Homestay poll [10 Nov 2008|12:57am]
As we know I'm bad at making decisions so I want your input on this one

Next semester I'll be staying with a family in France and we have three options for the family

1) No kids (worrysome because then I will the families sole preocupation)
2) Younger kids (could be fine unless they are really annoying or in need of babysitting
3) adolescent/older kids (could also be good/fine especially if the kids are around my age, but 'older' can also mean a creepy 30 yr old still living with his parents


I know it's trivial, but hey-- 
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It's official [08 Nov 2008|06:10pm]
I'm spending next semester in northwest france, Nantes.

After much contemplation and sadness about thinking about a semester away from Brown, I decided it was worth it, so I hope that's true.

And now im buying a tickert. Jan 6-May 18th.
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[14 Oct 2008|12:40am]
what the hell

so i understand that i have a pretty bad procrastination problem

but what kills me is when i actively try to get work done, i go out of my way to isolate myself from people and it's just me and my readings and I still can't manage to get my papers done.
And i know that tomorrow is going to be hell and I'm going to be gone 8:45am to 10pm and when I get back I'm going to be so beat that writing 2 5 page papers is going to be out of the question.

What the hell seriously.

I wish I had just had a fun weekend, at least then I would have done SOMETHING.
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[30 Aug 2008|08:05am]
So since I last updated I left providence went to spain and have returned to providence. Spain was fun 3 weeks is a better alternative to 6 although i didn't get to see lots of the people I had hoped to, but oh well.
The week after I got back from Spain I chilled at home seeing people, Nadeem moving back, Chris turning old, the works, i didn't bother to unpack from spain because I was alread so sick of packing/unpacking.
Yesterday I got back to Brown and it was different than the last two times because having only been away for a month was different than the usual 3.5 months that I'm gone, but nonetheless it's good to be back.
The Move in back to Brown was a bit hectic as it included goign to the apt were I lived over the summer, grabbing things from my floor, room and basement and packing up the car and then taking it to my dorm. Insanity.  It was a pain but my room is pretty nice and pretty big for a single, it has 2 windows so that's pretty nice too.  This year we have a common room and that's kinda exciting.
For the next 2 days my job will be to orient all the new faces on campus, which means that today i will work a 6 hour shift just greeting people outside my freshman yr dorm, should be fun even though the forecast says rain-uh oh.

I'm back for round three and I'm really not liking the idea of being a junior and having at best 2 more years here (although probably 1.5 because I'll probably study abraod next semester) and this is when people think it's okay to start asking 'what do you want to do after college' questions and it's just NOT okay.

Oh well time to go get ready for orienting froshie.

much love

and em:
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Where does the time go these days? [10 Jul 2008|01:53am]
I thought about posting and checked back to the last day I posted, and honestly cannot believe that it has been over a month since I last posted.  Wow. That's insane.  It's funny how quickly the time goes by, I mean it's cliché and all but wow.

So what have I been doing with my life? Well 80% of the time you ask me it will be work (the other 20% might be food or something else, because the time not spent working is generally spent sleeping.  And no, don't get the wrong impression, I'm not working strenuously or anything like that, I start working at 8am because I want to and stop working at 8pm  and not earlier because I want to.  And when I say I'm working sometimes that just means I'm at the office, because in the office they have this lovely invention known as AC. It's really great. Except of course for the fact that the cubicle that Caroline(my coworker) and I work in does not have AC. So that's a minor let down.  But work is fun and I have very few complaints. In fact a few weeks ago we went to the dollar store and spent like 173 dollars in toys for our project, it was great.
  As of today I have completed by 355 hours for the summer that were required for my summer grant and now if all goes well I will get paid by hour. Sweet.

So life.  Well since I last posted the second week of June was spent running from school to preschool in order to finish up the things I had to do before they closed for the summer and that probably consumed a good chunk of my life, as for weekends well I'm not sure but I think they were filled with odd jobs like babysitting or something else that I fill my time up with, my memory is failing me and without my camera as my memory, I'm starting to fail. The highlights for the non reading crew are as follows:

Work (first and foremost-which entails just being an idiot and laughing at my co-workers or boss about 80% of the time)
Beach trips (there have been a couple)
Chilling out with Caroline at her amazing house in NY.
Being home [finally embraced by huyck's loving basement]
my baby sister graduating high school (oh snap son)
Birthday celebrations (homemade pizza, cookies, lots of ice cream, cake)
Food extravaganzas--apparently I'm more likely to get food at work than in like a freaking restaurant...it's awesome
4th of july with the fam in NY-watched the fireworks from my cousin's apt, it was awesome
spending the weekend with my baby cousins in CT, 1st mini golfing, rode on the boat
Sleep insanity- I go to bed by like 12-1 most nights (which is good/normal)  but I wake up almost everyday without fail by about 7am or 7:30. It's ridiuculous
Babysitting- takes up the part of life that isn't spent in the office

Will has come to visit a few times and the one time we went to naraganssett with him joe, susan and david and it was good times although it was one of those interesting days at the beginning of june where it was like 99 degrees but the water was like 50, so it was an interesting combination.

On another note, I've gone shopping a few times and have been eating things other than hommus, carrots and oatmeal, like salads with avocado and lots of fruit. I've come to realize how much I miss fresh fruits and vegetables and if there would be one thing to encourage me to go off of meal plan (other than the cost) that would be it.

This has gotten disjointed and I apologize, maybe I'll come back to edit it, but being up for the last 20 hours has just begun to hit me. Plus I have a 4 year old to talk to at 9am tomorrow.
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REPOST of previous post--if you already responded Thanks and ignore :) [15 May 2008|02:37pm]
Hey guys

for my final project I'm doing a paper on why people write/keep blogs/online journals.

If you guys could please please answer the question as to why you keep an online journal and what you write about or anything else you think is relevant--that would be great. (Why an online journal versus a physical traditional diary? Why post public entries that anyone anywhere can read?)

You don't have to write more than a couple of sentences if you don't want to--but be as eloquent and wordy as you want. If I include quotes they will all be anonymous. And if you could write something by TODAY I would really love you.

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PLEASE HELP (reposting to get more people) [15 May 2008|12:50pm]
Hey guys

for my final project I'm doing a paper on why people write/keep blogs/online journals.

If you guys could please please answer the question as to why you keep an online journal and what you write about or anything else you think is relevant--that would be great. (Why an online journal versus a physical traditional diary? Why post public entries that anyone anywhere can read?)

You don't have to write more than a couple of sentences if you don't want to--but be as eloquent and wordy as you want. If I include quotes they will all be anonymous. And if you could write something by TODAY I would really love you.

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Testing [13 May 2008|03:12am]

Just wanted to see if this worked.
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asdf;kajshfaksdfasdf [11 May 2008|07:58am]
It still surprises me that time after time I fail to learn from my mistakes and screw myself over time and time again.

asDFkalsdfjasldkfjasd af..
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