Ana (shorterthanro) wrote,

So since I last updated I left providence went to spain and have returned to providence. Spain was fun 3 weeks is a better alternative to 6 although i didn't get to see lots of the people I had hoped to, but oh well.
The week after I got back from Spain I chilled at home seeing people, Nadeem moving back, Chris turning old, the works, i didn't bother to unpack from spain because I was alread so sick of packing/unpacking.
Yesterday I got back to Brown and it was different than the last two times because having only been away for a month was different than the usual 3.5 months that I'm gone, but nonetheless it's good to be back.
The Move in back to Brown was a bit hectic as it included goign to the apt were I lived over the summer, grabbing things from my floor, room and basement and packing up the car and then taking it to my dorm. Insanity.  It was a pain but my room is pretty nice and pretty big for a single, it has 2 windows so that's pretty nice too.  This year we have a common room and that's kinda exciting.
For the next 2 days my job will be to orient all the new faces on campus, which means that today i will work a 6 hour shift just greeting people outside my freshman yr dorm, should be fun even though the forecast says rain-uh oh.

I'm back for round three and I'm really not liking the idea of being a junior and having at best 2 more years here (although probably 1.5 because I'll probably study abraod next semester) and this is when people think it's okay to start asking 'what do you want to do after college' questions and it's just NOT okay.

Oh well time to go get ready for orienting froshie.

much love

and em:
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