Ana (shorterthanro) wrote,

First Snow!

After having spent a very tiring and depressing 8 hours in the library last night, getting next to nothing accomplished because research is greatly unrewarding, I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was everything outside my window covered in a thin layer of snow, like a blanket.
One of the windows in my room is just to the right of my bed, so I literally opened my eyes and everything was white!

Sure--it's not that exciting because I've certainly seen snow before, it's just that the first one is special, and there is something comforting about seeing snow on treetops or a white road and the cars all sporting the same hat.  Especially when I just felt so dejected last night.

So now I'm sitting in our common room decorated on the inside with Emily's snowflake creations which frame the window of snow outside =)

And off I am to spend another day in the library.
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