Ana (shorterthanro) wrote,


 If everything goes according to plan, I might finish my 15-20 page research paper more than 15 hours before it's due--which may not sound like a great accomplishment, but for the girl who literally is racing the clock usually 4-5 hours before the paper is due, just starting the paper, this will be a major accomplishment.  What's more, I not only didn't wait until the last minute to start the paper, but I actually started writing the paper on like Saturday-- a full 4 days before it was due.


Now...the second plan is to start writing the 12-15 page paper tomorrow, maybe get about 6-7 pages in, and spend Thursday working on finishing that up.

And then my MAJOR work is done for the semester!!!! And I will give myself the weekend as a reward for getting through the week.
Monday I will work on my 5 page paper and 2 2 page papers and I will devote the rest of the week to work for my job, and seeing all the wonderful faces that I will miss next semester.
and of course packing my life.

almost there....
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