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[02 May 2008|01:50pm]
We interrupt my insanity of paper writing for one brief announcement:


Have fun being 19--it's not too bad of an age. And in your wise words-the older you get the better--and since you are no banana it's not a problem.

Tienes cabras en tus pantalones???

I hope I see you sooner rather than later-but if I don't *hugs*.


back to work...
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[09 Mar 2008|06:32pm]
Tuesday: 3 midterms, one in class, one is a paper that is due and one is a midterm that is due. SWEET LIFE.
Wednesday-Paper due.

It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't about 1000 pages of reading behind.

I'll be singing off the world till friday.
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Always have to steal my kisses from you [02 Feb 2008|11:04am]
I suppose it has been an interesting week.

Shopping period is essentially over and I have essetnialy decided which courses to take. Surprsiginly enough only one has changed from my original plan, so now its

Qualitative Research Methods-taught by a crazy prof, but he seems nice and the class isn't half as broign as I thought it might be, so that's good news (Mon 3-5:20)

Psychology of race class and gender- also pretty good so far, we have done some activities in class so that the 2 hours don't seem like forever, so that's cool, no complaints so far (Wed 3-5:20)

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Child Development- taught by the same professor who i had last semester for another class, who is super nice and very animated and tells the most ridiculous stories (Tues.Thurs 6:30-7:50)

City Politics-also taught by a professor out of his mind, but he manages to keep 500+ students engaged and that to me seems like a very difficult task (Tues. Thurs 1030-11:50)

Growing Up in America- an American Civ class with an excellent reading list-catcher in the rye, the bonesetters daughter, huck finn, etc- the prof isn't bad but he has this problem of saying UHHHHHH uhhhh between every phrase and it gets kinda distracting at times...but he's nice and thinks that "syllabi are stifiling and similar to tyranny" so 2 weeks in and we still haven't gotten one.

So that should be an interesting course load--I've never taken five classes before

in other news-the other day I slept at 6am and woke up the next morning at 9:30 after having gotten about 3ish hours of sleep I woke up without an alarm and proceeded to go to 3 classes, the last of which didn't end till 8pm and wasn't tired-it was really weird

weekends have been good-the hardcore partying is still not in full force so I've taken to just hanging out--last night I went to a first friday event-where they had mini golf! and a v-day card making statio with adorable stamps, and the food from childhood-fruit roll ups and kool-aid. So that was fun. Also went to a joint a cappella group indoor arch sing and they were pretty cool.
After that I was bumming in my room and went to an eatery with some friends where I ate a cookie and an ice cream bar--welll lent is coming up, came ack and at 2am or so, walked a friend back to her dorm, and me and another kid ended up staying with her for 2 more hours haha. go us.

oh I think I might be staying in providence for the summer-anyone else doing that? I know sarah you are staying boston :) can't wait.

well that was long, doubt you all read it
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firedrills, sleep [30 Jan 2008|08:29am]
I was awoken from my wonderful slumber about 30 minutes ago by the shrill sound of the fire alarm. While all my suitemates decided to stay inside I went out (luckily it's not too cold) because that sound was just piercing.

Whoever thinks it's okay to not only be up th is early, but also be cooking things AND burn them IS DEAD WRONG. We've already had so many fire alarms on account of the 3rd floor kitchen-but none of them have ripped me so violently out of my sleep.

And yeh I'm sure you guys will say that at 8am it' a parfectly good time to be awake---but no, not when I'm running low on sleep anyway and my first class today isn't until 3pm.

Ugh I hate people.

Back to sleep, now that my lungs are starting to fill up with the lovely smell of someone's charred breakfast.
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[26 Jan 2008|08:59am]
Classes started this week, I got back to Brown less than a week ago, but it certainly seems like more.

But its so weird--not being back, which is weird enough--but this sleeping thing.

So over winter break I would go to bed at like 2 and wake up at like 11 or sometimes get even more than 9 hours.

I get here, start going to sleep around 2-2:30 and everyday I wake up at like 7/8 it's crazy---somehow like my body is just like OH we are in THIS bed--We never get more than 6 hours in THIS bed.

So I guess it's been mildly convenient because I haven't overslept for a class or anything yet--but really I only put my time towardds watching tv shows that I miss the previous night.

In other news- WTF am I doing this summer?

OR better yet....WHAT classes am I taking? I'm currently in 6, can only legally take 5, and probably can only handle 4. And I'm clueless so I'm doing work for 6...sweet.
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[23 Jan 2008|02:09am]
So ... tomorrow is the first day of classes

today should've been a day of organizing and while I did manage to get some books, I still feel wildly

I did....

go to stop and shop and target and get chocolate at both places...

walk down to the mall
-got free chocolate at lindt, because the man didn't want me to 'charge' 1.06 on my card--so it was 'on the house'
meanwhile my male friend, got charged haha.
-potentially picked out a new phone to replace mine that dies all the time
-got carolyn a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory

we then proceeded to try to cut the cheesecake upon her arrival and it had already been an hour but the cake was still frozen...I made quite the mess of myself.

Watched superbad---what a super vulgar movie... hha.
ate ice cream with stephanie--because start our semesters like total fatties.

now its 215 am and I have class not for another 10 hours or so, but I'm still feeling like a total bum

gnite and happy semesters.
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THE IRONY KILLS ME. [13 Jan 2008|02:37am]
oh ana.
2:29:34 AM
you should charge for your relationship advice

haha. great. jus great.
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Here's the plan. [12 Jan 2008|11:24am]
The irony of break is that while I have all the time in the world, I manage to do nothing ( not even decide where or when to go abroad)--but I do make plans for the upcoming semester where I will be drowning in readings and papers but I think I can somehow do everything.

Here are the thoughts for next semester-

4-5 Classes, for now the thought is 5 but realistically speaking I'll end up in 4 of the following

EDUC110 Qualitative Research Methods (sounds boring and horrid, but it's required for my major and includes a 35 page paper xD)

EDUC158- Cross Cultural Perspectives on Child Dev- by my favorite prof from last semester

EDUC143- Psychology of Race, Class and Gender

FREN151- Advanced Written and Oral French

POLS 22- City Politics (one of those must-take classes at Brown)

In addition I'm going to be taking 3-5, probably just 3 jobs

Research for ED

(aybe but probably not)
Safewalk (Anyone want to do this?? walk around and chat for a few hours and get paid!)
TA-a spanish class if the job is available


I'm going to join:

SPEC-Special Events Commitee that brought you Live on Lincoln and CandyLand,mhmmm
BURP-Brown U. Relaxation Program
Habitat for Humanity

Hahaha...I'm just laughng thinking about how little sleep I'm going to be getting. It's a good thing I've been getting 12 hours a night.

[And no I'm not crazy I'm pretty sure that what's going to be sacrificed are the activities but I can pretend that I will be a super student who can do all that and get good grades and work in some sleep]
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[09 Jan 2008|12:34am]
today i walked for 3 hours in a tee-shirt and was warm. January 8th 68 degrees. Ridiculous.

But the warm weather makes me v. happy. Although it's shortlived as tomorrow its going to be mid 50s but rainy...and cold from here on out. boo.

Oh the power of nostalgia when walking through old places.

anyways sleep time.
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[06 Jan 2008|02:31pm]
it appears that having nothing to do just means that I really will quite literally do nothing.
These days I lay in bed or on the couch and do basically nothing other than maybe watch a movie or some tv show or catch up on reruns. I'm a star.
Well 2 more weeks of breaks and hopefully I will use thema  little bit better than the last two...I haven't even been able to see that many people either...

I don't think this entry has much of a point....
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Christmas time is here? [26 Dec 2007|01:33am]
Like the good Jew that I am

I ate Chinese Food at a Chinese Buffet

and then proceeded to watch television for 5 hours..

haha I mean yeh the jew thing would be totally credible--if I didn't go to Christmas mass this morning---otherwise...haha.

But yes...I lov ethe internet and its ability to give me episode after episode of television--I just watched basically the entire season so far of Private Practice---yep that's right 7 episodes just today.

I need a life.
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[20 Dec 2007|04:08am]
So I've had this semi abandoned lately, but when all you are doing ever in your life is writing papers or trying really hard to write papers...then the whole lj writing gets abandoned

that being said I'm doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and have been since Monday afternoon and I love it and I wish that this was just the way colege was always, although I would def get bored of it, and probably relatively quickly.

In other news the snow has made me awfully happy despite being between papers when it came but who cares about all that.

Other updates---I broke my camera...I know I JUST got this one but It fell out of my pokcet because I thought it was my phone and it wasn't my phone at all so now I'm reallllllly distraught (exaggeration) but you know me and my pictures
boo :( So sad...since reparing it will cost like as much as a new camera.

well i have to pack and stuffffff

see (some of) you soon!
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[08 Nov 2007|07:41am]
I think that being up really early makes me really like nature or something stupid sounding like that, but walking abck from the library I just really wish I had a camera, the trees in the early sunlight were just SO PRETTY.

I hate this preregistration thing for starting at 8am....I know that's not so early but on a day like today, I would appreciate just going to sleep til class, but noooooo.

Anyways end rant.
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[07 Nov 2007|06:39am]
the sun rising in providence is really pretty, I mean I'm sure it is elsewhere, but the building and the trees and it all looks so pretty.
I'm annoyed that I'm in a 14 story building and could potetnailly see it from a much better angle but of course upwards of the 3rd floor gets locked at 2am so I must be content with the 2nd floor view....

Still pretty.

this paper is going to kill me.
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[07 Nov 2007|05:28am]
I have never seen the library SO EMPTY...I'm the only person on this floor, it's a little bit weird.

I guess it may have to do with the fact that it's 5:30am
but hey...at least the paper isn't DUE tomorrow :D

yes I know I'm nuts.
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your heart is an empty room [15 Oct 2007|12:27pm]
they could really turn the heat on in our building, it's a freaking ice box.  I mean it's not that cold but it's warmer outside and they were supposed to turn the heat on 5 days ago. And therfore I have to put on 3 million layers but I'm still cold so the only thing I want to do is hiuddle under the blankets for warmth and then sleep is inevitable.
aka yesterday afternoon i inadvertently atook a 3.5 hour nap.
This morning I woke up and started to do work and fell back asleep for 2.5 hours.

This is a problem.

I hope all your breaks are going well . hmph.
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the weather makes me happy [30 Sep 2007|01:52pm]
I'm looking at the ten day forecast and its supposed to be in the mid- upper 70s for the next week. So  exciting.

Updates on life--I know people care hahaha not.

Yesterday was fun, although I got no work done and will pay severely for it today...oh well.

Finished my paper and went swimming in the morning-i realize how dreadfully out of shape I am and also how badly I swim, it's rather pathetic, but it was fun.

Cleaning my room is a bad idea because well it just gets messy and then i do no work in trying to clean it.

Went out to dinner with carolyn and her mom and brother's girlfriend (+amy ben and katherine).  food was amazing and portions were HUGe, I have enough for a full meal today--rather ridiculous. And the 'best sundae yous eva had' was pretty much that....so good.

Came back and wandered around ran into a friend who lives in slater, checked out her room and hung out for a bit.  Went to caswell to watch grey's premiere--pretty ridic but also kinda hilarious.

It was a chill kinda day and I much enjoyed it, this morning I went to the coffee exchange on wickeden with the girls and it was great I had a iced raspberry capuccino...mhm yummy.

Well that was mostly for me...now it's time to get my work on.


<3 me.
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niña de ojos tristes [19 Aug 2007|05:35pm]
well todo is the last day in the town that has been home for the last month and change.
I guess bittersweet is the word that comes to mind. The town is boring so it's nice to go home and be with the people I've missed. But also, it's calm and the food is amazing and my family is here. Also some good friends are just a few hours away while they are impossible to reach the rest of the year.

AT any rate time to pack. Driving to madrid tomorrow and leaving on tuesday morning

I'll be home soon hopefully.
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y las mujeres somos las de la intuicion [04 Aug 2007|11:15pm]
Its 5am spanish time and i got back from a town fiesta an hour ago... It was really shitty (my parents enjoyed it because they played music from their era....but yeh it wa sboting for us, biy here.

inow im too tired to go into detail but i have church again tmw morning ( i just did this evening..) and i will monday afternon

hope you are all doign wel.1
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im so sad since you went away [13 Jul 2007|11:28am]
hey loves

ill be going to a friends house near the bach for a week or so, I should be catching a bus or train in an a few hours, which means you probably wont hear from me for a while

if you would like to recieve email updates on my life...just let me know.

hope you are enjoying your summer =)
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